Client Advisory Boards

What is a CAB ?

This is a group of key customers that you bring together to receive feedback on products/services as well as a general impression of your company.

CABs can serve different purposes:

– Create champions for your brand

– Validate product/service ideas and guide the roadmap

– Help you shape your marketing messages

– Gather information about your market and identify new opportunities

CAB benefits

Assist in the strategic direction of your company

Help guide your product/service roadmap

Increase your customers’ loyalty

Understand your market’s buying triggers

Identify beta testers for your new products/services

Identify potential new markets

cab success factors

Strategic thinking and planning

Definition of specific objectives

Inspiring content

Careful selection of members

Neutral and dynamic moderation to free the floor

Rigorous follow-up and feedback on discussions

COMSENSE is here to

Create a full tool box for planning and members recrutement

Create the invitation

Build your agence

Moderate you CAB

Guarantee a high standard of quality by sharing best practices