They speak about it

Carole led the complete transformation of the client approach at HRS. She trained the teams in the language of purchasing, in the personalization of the customer relationship and in the use of data in a logic of high value-added consulting.

This business transformation allowed us to have a very quick positive impact, in line with our very ambitious growth objectives.

Emmanuel Ebray

Managing Director, Western Europe, HRS

I have always been impressed by her ability to create professional networks and connect people to facilitate and develop business. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, Carole has an innate sense of connecting people with a strong focus on creating value.

Agnès Benveniste

Managing Director, France Benelux, AMEX Meetings & Events

Carole masters the different disciplines of business creation activity: offer, story telling, pricing, client P&L, contracts, account management, and knows how to make all the teams work towards a high quality of service and harmonisation of processes.

Her experience with corporates combined with his passion for commercial relations will be a major asset for the success of your projects.

Floyd Widener

Consultant Director, Hirespace

I saw Carole take charge of the GBTA professional association in France and then get it off the ground.

She was able to set a strategic course, then lead the commercial actions and the reorganization of operations to success.

Gifted at building trust over time, Carole combines strategic vision, commercial and operational leadership.

Pascal Jungfer

CEO & Founding Partner, Areka

Carole has extensive industry knowledge from both the buyer and supplier perspective. As someone who was relatively new to the industry when we began partnering on industry education, Carole took the time to help educate me on topics of importance. She is focused and results-driven and respects and appreciates those who share those qualities.

Jen Bankard

Director Content Solution and Conference, BTN Group

Authentic, professional and strong leadership are the words that come to mind when I think of Carole. Above all, I was impressed by her strategic vision, her unfailing dynamism and her ability to lead a management team composed of diverse personalities and skills. And, of course, direct and friendly side that knows how to create commitment and sustainable performance. 

Remi Bouysset

VP Group and Charter, Ponant

Carole enhanced the way Leadership and teams go beyond the pure sales pitch and can approach the topics with an industry objective perspective, taking into consideration the purchasers’ point of view.

She partnered with professional associations globally and locally, creating a positive ecosystem and great value for the company.

She has conceptualized the Corporate Lodging Forum, which is delivering insights and enhancements’ opportunities to enterprises, and then roll-out and standardize it across the world.

Marco d’Ilario

SVP, Enterprise Solutions, HRS